Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Fuel Control Aerospace, Industrial and Medical Servovalves

Products include high flow pneumatic valves replacing butterflys in aerospace applications, single and multistage solenoid valves, fuel flow servovalves and pneumatic controls for aircraft bleed air systems.
 New technology solenoids and servovalves offer reduced size and weight with improved reliability and lower cost through a 40% reduction in parts count compared to conventional designs.


JHBI Jet pipe metering valves offer maximum resistance to contamination passing contaminants up to 330 microns (.012 inch) in diameter when supply flow is protected by a 150 micron port screen.

Solenoid Valves for Hostile Environments
  • Fast response, high flow, low power single and multistage solenoids.                         
  • Reduced part count means improved reliability.
Fuel and Air Control
  • Single-stage nozzle flapper servovalves for Environmental Control  (ECS) Systems.
  • Single and two stage jet-pipe servovalves for fuel and oil.
  • Single-stage fuel metering, up to 3000 PPH!
Industrial and Medical
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic servovalves for industrial applications.
  • High reliability flow metering servovalves for anesthesia breathing gas.