Servo Valves and Specialty Controls

B300R Three-Way Two-Stage Solenoid Valve
2.5 Cv Flow Area, Pressures up to 700 PSIG!

High flow and fast response with low power. 
The B300R will open fully in 25 msec with only half an amp current!

  • Bubble Tight Seal
    With 700 PSIG inlet pressure, leakage less than 1 SCCM air at temperatures from -65°F to 200° F.
  • Fast Response
    From current signal to fully open in only 25 msec! Fast-acting two-stage design allows faster operation than a traditional single-stage valve.

  • Lighter and Smaller
    Optimal solenoid and valve design allows the smallest possible size and weight -- only 1.3 lb -- consistent with performance.

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