Servo Valves and Specialty Controls

J.H.Buscher Inc. Capabilities

For your purposes I think the most important product experience is the AX038 pneumatic valves which is for an application nearly identical to yours including temperature and vibration. Obviously it is for a smaller flowrate.

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Pneumatic Servovalves:

High flow pneumatic servovalves for turbine bleed air control.  (A401M)

This is a four way balanced poppet pneumatic servovalve used to control a bleed air powered auxiliary drive turbine on Boeing 767-400 ER. It is the largest single-stage pneumatic servovalve ever used in an aircraft application.

Nozzle/Flapper Single-Stage Pneumatic Servovalve for high temperature bleed air control.  (AX038)

Combined pneumatic servovalve and pressure regulator for Ohmeda anesthesia machines & ventilators. Project ended with sale of Ohmeda to GE. (A2036)

Bleed air surge control valve for C-5A APU. Pilot valve is a 4 way nozzle flapper with cam operated mechanical feedback of butterfly position. Stainless steel housing with 4.00 inch butterfly. Partnership with Dukes Aerospace.  (D200M)

Pneumatic Solenoid Valves:

Freeze capable balanced-poppet solenoid valves for automotive fuel cell control systems for Hyundai Motor Corp., and UTC Fuel Cells. Normally Open (A202Z)

                                             Normally Closed (A2030)

Three-way-two stage pneumatic solenoid for sonobuoy launch on Boeing P-8A. (B300R)

Plug in freeze capable solenoid pinch valve for General Motors Fuel Cell.  (A3031)

Balanced poppet three-way solenoid valve for OBOGS control. Designed for HAL-Tejas multi-role light fighter. Joint venture ended with sale of Gar Kenyon.  (B500V)

Servovalves For Aircraft Turbine Engine Fuel Control:

Single stage jet pipe servovalves for fuel metering, and shutoff control Rolls Royce Trent 700, Ref. US Pat. 5,679,989 Torque Motors With Enhanced Reliability. (A4000)

Two stage jet pipe servovalve for turbine engine actuation and version for overspeed/shutdown on Rolls Royce Trent 700. (B4000)

Three stage jetpipe servovalve for control of multiple functions on turbine engine, for Rolls Royce Trent 700, Ref. US Pat. 5,570,718. Also supplied control electronics and computer programming for simulated operation of multifunction servo system.   (DK001)

Single stage fuel metering servovalve for Eurofighter and Comanche APU (Williams International). (A201L)

Servovalves for Hydraulic Control:

Jet pipe servovalve for helicopter sonar winch control, customer L-3 Ocean Systems. (A4035)

Brake by wire control servovalve for aircraft, for military trainer aircraft. (B3010)

Rebuild Moog Model 760 industrial servovalves used on machine tool applications.

Automated Production Test Systems for Automotive Sensors:

During 1997-2005 we designed and built automated test systems for Motorola Automotive and Industrial Electronics Group, Elma, NY.

System would perform leak testing on 750 units per hour at multiple stations with a test duration per unit of one minute. A character recognition system recorded unit serial number with test data while failed units were segregated in order. Quantified test data was transmitted to inventory control and quality systems in real time. We designed and built the entire system, including robotics and software. We built other systems that performed robotic sorting and laser marking operation for sensor manufacturing and testing. We also did environmental and fluid susceptibility testing on automotive sensors, and manufactured test manifolds and wire harnesses. This all came to an end when the facility closed.  (D0006)

      Test Capability:

  • Fuel Stand MIL-F-7024 equiv, test to 2200 PSI
  • Oil Stand MIL-H-5606, test to 5000 PSI
  • Pneumatic test stands
  • Shaker
  • Computerized data acquisition stand
  • Dynamic systems modeling
  • Hot and cold (500-65°F) testing

We manufacture all components in house although qualified vendors are used for volume production.